As you drive down the treed laneway into our farm, you will pass horses in rolling pastures and green fields of crops. Look up, and the matching peaks of our pavilion, dining room patio, and Derby bunkhouse/office will welcome you to the centre of Kemur Camp.

If you continue on past Derby you’ll skirt the central paddock (where our show horses like to hang out) and find yourself facing a large, green building. This green building houses Kemur’s second bunkhouse “The Loft”, our tackroom, and the New Barn.

Our second barn is located a half-minute walk from the New Barn building. Renovated in 1990, the Old Barn rests on a beautiful stone foundation, it houses our Welsh stallion Cardigan, and Dolly, our llama.

When you leave the Old Barn, and head towards the dining room patio, you’ll pass the Murray’s house on your right. If you look to your left, you can check out our volleyball net and swimming pool, both great places to pass sunny summer afternoons.

Kemur’s riding facilities include five large hunter rings: one enclosed arena, two intermediate rings, and two advanced rings containing many exciting hunter jumps. Our 250-plus acres of riding trails complete our comprehensive riding facilities.

Kemur’ s protected wetland is home to many rare birds, including a resident family of Sand Hill Cranes

The pavilion, built in 2002, is the perfect spot to enjoy snacks, work on crafts, and hang out with friends. And since the whole camp can be comfortably seated in this open-air space, the pavilion brings us all together for Sunday introductions, games, skit performances, and good-bye on Saturday.

Both Derby and the patio were added in 2003. The Derby bunkhouse is for our older 26 campers, as well as six counsellors. With music, cards, dance parties, and games like “Gotcha” in the evenings, staying in Derby is non-stop fun!

The Office and Kemur store are located in the same building as the Derby bunkhouse. The striking cherry and walnut wood in these two rooms was harvested from Kemur’s land, and adds much warmth and personality to these spaces.

The “Loft” Bunkhouse sleeps our 24 younger campers, as well as six counselors, and four working students. Bed time in Loft is always fun with evening talent shows, hair braiding parties, dance extravaganzas, and teddy bear gatherings. Loft’s nighttime programs are all tailored for younger campers and ensure that even bedtime at Kemur is a riot!

Seven showers are located in Derby and available for Loft campers during their designated times.

Kemur’s kitchen serves outstanding meals all summer long. Tasty food and good nutrition are important. Meals are served in our spacious and relaxed dining hall where we all dine together. Our meals are kid-friendly and delicious.




Original farm house

In 1965 Keith graduated from Guelph University and went home to Cambridge to supposedly start a career as a cow calf farmer, beef feedlot manager and pony breeder.

Chris worked in Toronto at the Globe and Mail and enjoyed showing her one horse -never dreaming she would be the caretaker of over seventy-six!

Meeting in Toronto at a horse show then marrying in 1969 a plan was hatched to start a summer camp. Twenty-five campers bunked in the house and Kemur Camp began!

Kemur was a co-ed camp until 1992 and a beef farm complete with cattle round-ups until 1997.

So many changes over the years: riding without helmets was common place, a wagon ride to the lake for swimming and western saddles were an option. Once the kitchen was built 20 campers slept in the back. The old barn was our tack room (cattle were outside in the summer) and outhouses -of course.

The next generation of Lee, Brian and Carter, Erin, Ranil, Mason and Sloane are continuing to make Kemur a destination for campers around the world. Some things change but a girl’s love of horses and fun will always remain.

Keith and Chris, well they have plans to retire to the sunny south with one horse and Poppy -just kidding! Kemur Camp lives on.